Business Change & Development Services

Integration, Mergers and Partnerships - Whole System Working

Integration, mergers and developing partnerships are on the table for many organisations in todays climate in order to:


- Provide services in a more seamless and effective manner and improve safety and quality

- Drive out inefficiencies, duplication and gaps in service delivery

- Pool strengths and offer a more comprehensive service

- Share resources and intelligence

- Address fragmentation of governance, policy and finances


Prospect understand that this brings significant challenges to organisations, and that this work can involve working in high profile and politically sensitive settings.

We have a significant track record in helping our clients to succeed, and we fully understand the evidence and practice for successful change by focusing on both the human and technical elements of change.


Our methods include:

- Diagnostics of the ‘current state’ of the organisations

- Strong stakeholder engagement approach to ensure ownership and inclusion

- Benchmarking and case study reports to exploit the latest thinking available to us

- Strong facilitation of events bringing all partners to the room and developing consensus for the desired ‘future state’

- Development of action plans