St Ann’s Hospice

Organisational and Team Development


Leading client-centred organisations that are efficient, effective and innovative can be a challenge in the current political and economic climate.

Hospices in particular need high performing teams, good governance, clear leadership andeffective management.
This enables them to provide high quality services to their patients and to retain the credibility and confidence of donors, funders, volunteers, and their staff.

St Ann’s Hospice commissioned Prospect to provide a range of services focused on enhancing team performance and staff engagement. As part of St Ann’s staff engagement and involvement strategy, Prospect’s activity was aimed at the Board, the management team and a range of clinical and non-clinical staff.


Prospect worked closely with the hospice to identify the local challenges facing the organisation and their leaders.


Prospect undertook a comprehensive diagnostic review with the senior management team and Board. This included interviews, Board and team observations and staff focus groups.


A diagnostic report, recommendations and an action plan was developed and presented to the management team and board.


Prospect designed and facilitated team development sessions for the management team and Business development sessions were designed and facilitated for the Board.


A session was facilitated for the board to support the development of the three year strategy and annual business plan.


Prospect facilitated engagement and involvement workshops to support staff in the development of the organisation’s purpose, future strategy and values.





"The staff involvement and engagement sessions brought energy into the organisation. All sessions were facilitated in a skilled, open and engaging style whilst ensuring progress and outcomes were achieved.”

Chief Executive and Chairman, St Ann's Hospice

- An action plan was developed from the recommendations, which the senior management team owned and progressed.

- A three year strategy and business plan was developed.

- Improved staff engagement and involvement int he future strategy, linked to their objectives.


- Enhanced organisational values, which staff developed and championed, informed the future recruitment requirements of the senior management team