NHS Yorkshire and the Humber

Liberating Public Health Development Programme


The transfer of Public Health to local government; creation of Health and Wellbeing Boards; establishing Public Health England; determining the Public Health offer to CCGs all bring Public Health leadership into sharp relief.
Following the successful delivery of a year -long leadership programme to Public Health Consultants (with Sheffield Hallam University), Prospect were re-commissioned to deliver the Liberating Public Health programme for Directors of and Consultants in Public Health, approximately 60 people from across the Yorkshire and Humber region.


Workshops and master classes for Directors of, and Consultants in Public Health, aimed to provide personal, team and capacity development aligned with organisational and regional capacity building, to face future challenges confidently and competently.
The year long programme included 6 development workshops and 3 International masterclasses by Professor Malcolm Whitfield, an associate of Prospect.

The content included many guest speakers and covered:

- Whole systems leadership and collaboration

- Political and influencing skills

- Personal credibility and impact

- Business acumen and investment decision

- Leading transition and managing change

- Building and developing new forms of public health teams in new environments

- Innovations in population level behaviour change

- Public Health law

- Public Health from the Local Authority Perspective

- Can emerging technologies help addres sthe current challenges in Public Health


6 development workshops for 2 groups with the option for participants to pick and mix depending on their own self assessment of development need
3 master classes for circa 60 participants to expose participants to latest research and best practice nationally and internationally. Integrated evaluation and benefits analysis which will be reported to each steering group and be summarised in a final report, together with exploration of a formal practitioner/academic publication.








"Prospect really do pride themselves on leaving a legacy, and achieving results that will benefit those they encounter whilst working with us."

Karen Payne, Public Health Workforce Lead,
NHS Yorkshire and the Humber

All our master classes and workshops evaluated very well. Participants felt that content, structure and delivery were of a high standard and were very beneficial to support them achieve the goals and objectives set out in the programme.

Prospect have been re-commissioned to deliver four further masterclasses from November 2012–March 2013, to include:

- Health and Wellbeing Boards and Strategies

- Moving to system leadership

- Legal and statutory update

- Building the new Public Health teams in local government, including appraisal,revalidation and working through others.

Prospect have also facilitated a number ofsessions for individual Public Health teams;Public Health and Local Authority Senior Teamsand Health and Wellbeing Boards jointly acrossthe Yorkshire and Humber region.