Well North Programme – 8 Northern Towns and Cities Now Engaged

We know that health, well-being and happiness are more often the consequence of people having good jobs or a purpose in life; decent homes; good relationships and community; sometimes access to sports, activities, arts and having hope and optimism. We need NHS services to be accessible and good, but there is huge potential to prevent illness and lack of well-being by focusing instead on the areas of life that make a much bigger impact on how we can all feel day to day. The Well North Programme, hosted at the University of Manchester and led by CEO Sam Tunney and Executive Chair Lord Andrew Mawson now has 8 northern towns and cities (pathfinders) engaged on the programme. Each has developed a

Fifth Cohort at Cumbria Community Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

January saw the Prospect team travelling to Cockermouth in Cumbria to meet our fifth cohort of leaders from CPT. We have constantly evaluated and reviewed the previous masterclasses to ensure we hit the mark and that each and every delegate gains something valuable and practical. Our first two masterclasses focus on ‘Self as Leader’ and 'Leading Teams', exploring different leadership styles, the ways that teams develop and best practice in leading change. The final masterclass in February will be looking at how leaders work within a system of care, navigating different cultures, power and politics and how they can create truly collaborative ways of working in the interests of patients.

Prospect Working with Manchester City Council

This month we worked with the Innovation and Reform Team. The team of 19 people completed their Myers Briggs personality questionnaire and completed a Team Performance Audit. The aim of the session was to build upon the strengths in the team and to deepen understanding about how each other ticks and to identify ways of enhancing team working and team excellence. Donna Bradshaw worked closely with the team and designed and facilitated the session, using research and evidence based materials, such as the work of Prof Michael West, which identifies the most important factors to enhance team performance. James Binks, Head of Reform and Innovation, said 'I thought Donna did a great job of leading

Prospect Working With NHSE to Develop Leadership and Engagement

In December, Prospect were appointed to work with the Lancashire office for a series of events to support team development and strategic planning with Senior Leaders; delivering Leading Together workshops for 35 leaders and a whole team away day for 90 staff. A whole range of creative methods were deployed to generate ideas for enhancing communication and engagement, managing change and generating a practical action plan