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Three new coaching clients visited our lovely offices and coaching facilities this week at the Empress Business Centre. We support an eclectic range of individuals including writers, fashion designers, overseas development media specialist, a vicar, graduates, public sector leaders, finance experts, and business owners. What is common to all is using coaching to focus on future options, actions and getting insight into personal motivators and barriers to change. We evaluate all of our coaching to learn about impact. Jackie Barringer has a 100% success rate in career coaching clients achieving a new job within target timescales! We have a great team of qualified coaches and also train coaches

Wellington School Governing Body Development

Prospect are delighted to be appointed to support the Chair of Wellington School in Timperley in the development and support of governors and the governing body. We will be exploring the role and skills of governors. Donna Bradshaw said ‘having had four sons/stepsons through the education system, I know how important the high school years are and how vital it is that schools are governed well. It’s fantastic Wellington School are investing in this aspect and I’m looking forward to working with everybody’.