Cancer MDT Leadership Programmes Get Fantastic Evaluations Again!

Delivery of leadership masterclasses across the Northern Cancer Alliance where equally received well with over 98% of delegates evaluating the masterclasses as very good. It has been an honour and a privilege to work for a 2nd time across the North East of England and get such brilliant quotes from the lead cancer clinicians about the masterclasses they attended. “Fantastic session, thank you well worth taking the time out” “One of the best training sessions I have attended. Thank you” “Excellent session, Very worthwhile and unique in style. Always an open session and great learning environment” “Well done as always, you have been consistently good at all sessions which have been immensely u

Prospect Commissioned across Windsor, Ascot & Maidenhead Locality, East Berkshire CCG to Deliver

We are delighted to have been commissioned to deliver effective chairing skills workshops to primary care leaders. Being productive and effective with time and getting tangible outcomes is important to ensuring his is a new geographical area to us and we look forward to commencing the workshops in the Autumn. We have been delivering the effective chairing skills workshops for over 4 years now and the workshops consistently receive fantastic feedback. Over this time over 98% of delegates rate the session as Excellent. Here is what some of our recent delegates have said about the workshop: “The day was excellent, exceeded expectations covered things / tools that I can use for several scenario’

Individuals and Communities Feel the Benefits of The Well Skelmersdale Leadership Program

The participants of the Well Skelmersdale Leadership Program have told of how the program has not just benefited themselves as individuals, but their communities around them too. Through assessing different leadership styles and types of leaders and reflecting on their own leadership styles, the participants learned skills in building relationships, influencing power and negotiating. Participants have shown how self-investment has enabled them to contribute more greatly to their communities while also enhancing their work on their own projects. More information about the leadership program can be found on the Well Skelmersdale blog through this link, as well as on the Well Skelmersdale Twitt

Prospect, Change Catalyst, PACE and Aspire Partnership – Accepted Supplier to for Higher Educational

It's great to be on the North Eastern Universities Purchasing Consortium as a leadership development supplier. This is a fantastic collaboration between Prospect, Aspire POD, Change Catalyst Services and PACE offering shared expertise, skills and value to HEI’s. We possess a great track record working with Higher Education – some of us having been academics and leaders in the sector before. Between us we have worked as coaches to senior academics, career researchers, developed research teams and delivered high quality leadership offers.

Teaming Up with Well North Enterprises to Bring a Unique Development Offer to Primary Care Networks

The development of PCNs and progression through the PCN maturity matrix requires a whole new level of understanding and connectedness across the health and care system to bring about sustainable and whole-system change. The level of collaboration that is needed between individuals, between services and between organisations to make this happen has never been seen before. Prospect and Well North Enterprises have partnered up to bring together our expertise and unique offer to PCN’s. PCN leaders face a host of leadership opportunities and challenges – a complex, high pressure environment with multiple partners, organisations, cultures and perspectives. To be successful and effective, they will

South East London Cancer Alliance (SELCA) Commission Prospect to Support Cancer Teams

Following on from our recent work in the Northern and Cheshire and Merseyside Cancer Alliances, Prospect have been appointed to support three Cancer Multi-disciplinary teams in the South East London Area. We will be supporting colo-rectal, lung and urology multi-disciplinary teams. Initially we will be working closely with the teams to understand their requirements and undertaking some diagnostic and team audit work, before delivering bespoke masterclasses to enhance the effectiveness of teams and, of course, this will support and enhance the experience for patients. We will be drawing upon our evaluations and learning from working with both the Northern and Cheshire and Merseyside Cancer Al