Brian Dormand
Prospect Associate

Brian has undertaken many strategic consultancy assignments in both the public and private sectors. Such projects involve working closely with the senior management team to develop a clear strategic direction for the organisation and providing action plans to achieve effective implementation.

Brian has extensive experience of managing large-scale business growth programmes.


Some of the programmes run by Brian, which have involved numerous companies, a team of consultants and activities which have been spread over several months and in some cases, years are:


  • Setting up and running the Wales Relay Centre. This involved securing EU funding, achieving the backing and co-operation of organisations such as the CBI, the Universities, Local Authorities and the Welsh Development Agency

  • Project managing the WDA's Manufacturing Improvement Networks Programme

  • Programme Manager for the North West World Class Manufacturing Programme

  • Managing the Technology Transfer & Implementation Programme, an EU initiative funded by the WDA

  • Managing the WDA’s Innovation Benchmarking programme involving 70 Welsh based businesses. Managing the NWDA’s High Growth Programme – the UK’s largest regional high growth initiative


BA Economics and Financial Mgt

Brian Dormand