Business Change & Development

Business Planning Facilitaion

Some people experience business planning as a dry, boring, darkened office activity resulting in a shelved document.
We absolutely know this can be so different.

We see business planning as an inspiring, participative process, resulting in a plan that people identify with and are highly motivated to deliver.

Our team are expert facilitators of business planning. We work with teams, using a wide range of business planning tools to support discussion about:


- Understanding the context and environment for your organisation over the planning period, and what this means for you

- Your future services/products for which populations or markets

- Assessing your current position and identifying your strengths to take forward, and gaps to address

- Developing agreement and shared ownership

- Creation of a business plan and supported action plans

- Agreement of responsibilities and accountabilities for delivery


Feedback on our workshops:

We have had feedback that our workshops are enjoyable, fun and highly practical and often have a strong team building effect. Most importantly, the business plan has benefitted from the involvement of the people who will be delivering the plan. It’s theirs - they want to make it happen.