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Credit Union Leadership Development

Leadership Programme


Prospect were commissioned by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) and Association of Credit unions to be the OD partner for the Credit Union Expansion Programme. This work was with 83 Credit Unions (CU) as part of the national strategy to expand the uptake of CU services providing a viable alternative to the mainstream financial sector; the programme was undertaken over one year to support the CU to be business ready for the expansion of their services.

One of the services we provided was to develop a leadership framework for CEOs/general managers and to provide a national leadership programme, supporting their development of leadership roles and capabilities to effectively lead their CU’s.


Designing and developing a leadership framework to allow individuals to self-assess both pre- and post- programme to measure their capability and develop their development plans, thus increasing leadership skills.

Using the framework to design and deliver 9 masterclasses which supported their skills in leadership development, personal presence and impact, business, ability to lead change, HR, engaging the board, collaborative working with partners and system leadership.

Tailored workshops for the CEO and the Boards on OD skills, tools, techniques and business skills.

Developing a toolkit of a range of tools and techniques, such as business, risk, influence, leadership, change management and partnership development tools.


100% of the participants found the framework easy to use and applicable to developing their role and skills as a leader

100% would recommend the leadership framework as a way of assessing their skills, leadership capability and development plan.

100% of CUs felt more confident, capable and ready as a business to expand as part of the CUEP

Over 90% of the CUs reported that they had developed their organisation capability, leadership and change management skills in order to lead their businesses as part of the expansion programme.

100% would recommend the programme and workshops to other CU leaders.

100% of the CUs felt that they were more capable of leading their business and are now business ready as a consequence of the support provided.

“I would recommend the whole programme. The range of support provided has been powerful for me and my teams.

Taking time out to analyse own leadership skills against the leadership framework was so useful.

I still use it now to refresh my thinking and coping strategies”

Credit Union Leadership Development

Leadership Programme

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