Claire Haigh
Prospect Associate

Claire works with organisations, systems and places to help them to explore, shape and connect future public services. She is passionate about working with people to help them reach their potential and develop innovative approaches to problems. Claire believes that through working collectively and collaboratively we can achieve so much more together and in this world of social networks and connections, technology can be a huge enable to this work.


Claire is an experienced, future-focused and connected public service leader with extensive experience of leading collaborative programmes that transcend organisational and professional boundaries whilst achieving real and lasting outcomes. She is an expert networker, influencer and mobiliser who always approaches programmes with authenticity, passion and from a strength-based perspective.


Claire excels working in multi-functional teams, across organisational boundaries and where meaningful connections need to be made to achieve better outcomes. She has extensive experience working with senior leaders and politicians and an excellent understanding of the ever-evolving policy context that is influencing public services reform.


Being a qualified coach and with a background in organisational transformation and development and an RSA Fellow, Claire has a strong foundation for the collaborative work undertaken and a practical understanding of the skills and behaviours required of our 21st Century ‘Public’ Servants.


Since graduating with a degree in Psychology from Royal Holloway 10 years ago, Claire has spent her career working in the public sector, starting her career in Local Government in organisational development and transformation and then moving to work regionally across public services in the North West for the past six years in a variety of roles at North West Employers. Most recently, Claire was their Director of Improvement which meant leading on their capacity and capability building strategy as well as leading a programme of innovative networking and connecting activities.


Claire is also on the board of a local community cooperative in Prestwich called Village Greens as well as a governor at a Hospital school. Both these roles utilise her skills and help her to stay connected with the citizens I am serving through my work.


Claire loves innovating, experimenting, exploring, and learning and is passionate about helping leaders at all levels to be the best they can be to help all communities to live happier and healthier lives.

Claire Haigh