Stockport CCG
Clinical Leadership Programme


Prospect was commissioned by Stockport CCG and the North West Leadership Academy to design and deliver a leadership programme for Clinical Directors, Governing Body members and Locality Lead.


The focus of the programme was to support clinicians in their role and to understand their clinical leadership role as leaders in the CCG and the wider health and social care system. To support the participants we ensured that there was a development on real scenarios and system challenges.


The programme consisted of:

  • Undertaking a design after a rapid diagnostic with some of the participants to understand their needs. 

  • Hosting masterclasses using tailored clinical scenarios to ensure that doctors were engaged in learning and development, based around the following 6 themes

  1. Understanding me, my leadership and preference as a leader 

  2. System leadership and partnership working for integrated services. Using a number of case studies of local working to explore system issues – the importance of clinical leadership

  3. Influencing and negotiation as a leader

  4. Challenge, scrutiny and assertiveness as a leader 

  5. Leading effective meetings 

  6. Supporting the clinical leaders to become a self-facilitating learning set who continued to work on key challenges and system leadership issues where clinical opinion is a valuable asset.

We also set a number of key tasks in-between masterclasses to work on system issues as a network. These issues and the outcomes were presented to the CCG, LA, acute and locality members.





“This programme was excellent - I think this is something that is needed in probably every CCG out there. GPs have been asked to take up formal roles on statutory boards, often with little previous experience.


Within a matter of weeks, I have seen real changes in how participants have conducted themselves in meetings and language they use. Every participant, including those who have worked extensively in NHS commissioning or been on leadership courses in the past, felt they really gained something from this programme. I have seen GPs for the first time really look at their role as corporate vs scrutiniser, member vs exec, commissioner vs provider, system leader.


What we now have is a strong clinical network that is keen to keep discussions going and help transform healthcare system for the better. The Prospect team - you have all been fantastic and a pleasure to work with. Thanks for all your efforts to design, tailor and refine a developmental experience that fitted our needs as clinicians” 

Dr Viren Mehta, Clinical Director for Primary Care Development, Stockport CCG


  • 100% of participants agreed that the programme has supported them to develop their leadership skills so that individuals feel more skilled and confident in their CCG/health and social economy role

  • 100% agreed that the programme has supported individuals to link the learning from the programme to specific challenges and transformational priorities that they are involved in at a system level

  • 100% agreed that the programme has supported the individuals to lead and empower their localities in leading and implementing changes required across Stockport CCG and the wider system

  • 100% of participants agreed that they are more able to understand the strategic context of the CCG and expectations of the role of CCG members and the wider Stockport Economy roles e.g. working as a system leader

  • 100% agreed that the programme has supported them to develop and strengthen existing networks and collaborative approaches to locality and system working across Stockport CCG and key members

  • Due to these successes, Prospect has been asked to provide a similar programme for clinical leads. We are currently undertaking this programme with 3 CCGs.