Matt Worden
Prospect Art & Leadership Advisor

Matt is a visual artist who is passionate about the impact creative practise can have on critical thinking and leadership.

He worked in mental health services as a team manager of wellbeing services for a number of years but left the NHS last year to pursue work across art, music and socially engaged practise. As a practitioner he witnessed first-hand the transformative effect of art on people’s lives as it can promote new ways of seeing & doing.

As a leader he used art to engage with teams to effect change.


Matt's work with Prospect

Matt has delivered workshops with Prospect that engage course participants in creative right-brain thinking through the use of drawing exercises.


The basis of the exercises is to encourage new ways of thinking through close observation of subject matter. The premises of these exercises are that investigation of an issue starts with looking before doing.


Insights gained through these exercises can support leaders and managers to bring new thinking to issues that in turn will help deliver required change in organisations and teams.

Matt Worden