"As an ILM endorsed consultancy specializing in change management, Prospect were ideally suited in helping us to achieve IIP Gold. Having recently been accredited with
IIP Silver they were well placed to understand our needs."


Julie Peacock, Quality Services Manager, Colemans-ctts

North Cumbria NHS Trusts - 
Developing the Values and Behaviours


Prospect were commissioned to lead the development of the North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust’s Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health ProfessiNonal 3 year strategy by using listening into action methodology, and to develop the Trust’s values and behaviours framework through staff engagement and involvement.


Phase 1: 

—      Developing and designing a questionnaire that allowed hard-to-reach staff to determine the requirements of the strategy, values and behaviours (over 800 staff engaged in the process

—      Design and develop a large scale workshop to engage and involve a range of staff across the Trust hospital sites in determining the requirements for the strategy, the values and behaviours to live these values. These sessions engaged over 500 staff from a range of disciplines across the Trust.

Phase 2:

—      The development of the values and behaviours framework – this was tested out with staff as part of phase 2 of the workshops, to ensure that the framework resonated with what was required from staff from previous workshops

—      The behavioural framework was developed and implemented

Phase 3:

—     The Trust was supported to implement the values and behaviours framework into induction, appraisals and personal development planning.





A vision for Nursing, Midwifery and AHP in a 3-year strategic document with an associated action plan was implemented


Values statements and behavioural framework were developed and integrated across all divisions in the Trust and the Trust’s induction and annual appraisal process


The staff opinion and engagement surveys showed improvements in the level of satisfaction with staff engagement


Over the course of a year, there was a decrease in patient complains correlating to staff living the values and behaviours.