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Celebrate Success and Future Focus

I’m sure we all have particular memories that will stand out when we look back over 2012.

The Olympics held in London and the Queens Silver Jubilee have been particular highlights, with displays of communities coming together, celebrating talent and achievements in front of the eyes of the world, despite recent hardships. There may be a global economic crisis causing us all to reflect and re-adjust our personal visions and values as we look to the future, but what we know here at Prospect is that change doesn’t have to be scary in fact it’s a chance explore new avenues, meet new people, share ideas and create solutions.

The Prospect team faced 2012 with a fresh take on organisational development. You will have noticed our new look to go with our bold attitude and resourcefulness as we continue to keep people at the heart of our design when faced with workforce challenges. We have formed new partnerships over this last year with Probation Services and successfully launched our learning platform in conjunction with our NHS Leadership Programme and with exciting projects taking place all over the UK, we are running into 2013 with our focus on the future and how we can help organisations, teams and people achieve their New Year goals!

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