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Sir Alex Ferguson – a leader, an inspiration

Whatever your feelings about football and Manchester United, you cannot deny the club’s successes and admire Sir Alex Ferguson as the club’s manager. As an active manager he has stayed at the top and remained successful and respected for so long, not something that many before him have achieved.

What can we learn from this leader?

Qualities we can all aspire to have;

  • Passionate about the game, his players, the club.

  • Credibility – Ferguson’s presence is honest and upfront with himself and his team. He gives 100% and he expects the same from his players.

  • Embrace change – Ability to see when it was time to change, adapt and try something new.

  • Communication - Big picture thinking but aware of the importance of the details that would feed into the future plans and how to translate that vision across to his players

  • Determination – Never seeing failure but seeing lessons learnt and changing as a result. Always remaining focused on the goals he saw the team achieving together.

  • A Mentor – Genuine care for his players and their development and wellbeing earn Ferguson respect and allegiance

At Prospect we know the importance of all the above when it comes to working as a team, achieving success and adapting to the ever changing environment that organisations and their staff find themselves in.

Team performance, mentoring, transition and change, coaching, leadership, are all areas of expertise, passion and achievement here at Prospect – and we continue to look and learn and work with the many ‘Alex Fergusons’ amongst our clients.

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