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Care simulation event in Blackpool

Care and compassion centred on the persons needs was the uniting and driving force behind a highly interactive simulation event yesterday, delivered by Prospect.

Over 75 participants from across the health, social care and voluntary sector in Blackpool and the Fylde Coast worked together to explore how a new, integrated service, called the Extensive Service, will meet the needs of frail and elderly people living with long terms health issues. Prospect actors played the parts of Zainab, Umar, William, Evelyn and Walter to bring to life the full range of emotional, health and social needs that people have, demonstrating the opportunity for the whole system to take this unique opportunity to explore how care could be planned and delivered in a better way. NHS England supported the event and significant discussion and learning was generated which will now be used to further refine the development of the new service. The spirit of collaboration, partnership, constructive challenge and engagement in the room really enhanced the learning experience and thinking about issues as a system and not in traditional silos. Each and every person made a pledge to their personal commitment to continue working together to improve life for all the Walters, Zainabs, Umars, Williams and Evelyns in the population. A bold ambition and a very worthwhile one.

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