• Dolores Anastasopoulou

Credit Union - Transformation Project

Today is the first of three workshops taking place in Manchester, London and Glasgow over the summer period.

Credit Union leaders are coming together in Manchester to continue the process of transformation within their teams based throughout the UK. Not only are they looking into their own teams and community needs but also at how they link together to make Credit Unions stronger and more accessible.

The original goverment inititive is in its second year now, backing the growth of credit unions to increase their effectivness as a viable option for people to use as an alternative to banks and instead of payday loan establishments.

Prospect are working with a number of organisations in the overall expansion project, Prospect's offer includes advice and support in the areas of Leadership and Workforce planning.

For further reading around some of the challanges facing credit unions in 2015 please read the Guardian news story by clicking the link below.


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