• Calum Fisher

Prospect Working with Manchester City Council

This month we worked with the Innovation and Reform Team. The team of 19 people completed their Myers Briggs personality questionnaire and completed a Team Performance Audit. The aim of the session was to build upon the strengths in the team and to deepen understanding about how each other ticks and to identify ways of enhancing team working and team excellence. Donna Bradshaw worked closely with the team and designed and facilitated the session, using research and evidence based materials, such as the work of Prof Michael West, which identifies the most important factors to enhance team performance.

James Binks, Head of Reform and Innovation, said 'I thought Donna did a great job of leading our away day. She delivered the MBTI material extremely well. I have done MBTI before but this was much more realistic to me. The team development session in the afternoon was also good. Best of all, Donna focused us down on priorities and practical actions with owners. This gives us the best chance yet of really taking forward the valuable experience of an away day into something that will really change how we work.'

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