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GM Population Health and Commissioning Away Time - 80 People Go to Market!

Prospect have a strong track record in delivering team away days - from small teams through to whole organisations. We know it is important to be very clear on the purpose of the day, and that the event is engaging, fun and produces some valuable actions for the future.

Greater Manchester’s health and care system is moving at pace as part of the devolution deal, which makes it very important to invest time with staff to explore the future and also to reflect upon previous months and capture important successes and lessons.

Donna Bradshaw and Matt Worden facilitated the 80 person event - drawing upon Matt's artistic skills to bring some creativity and fun into the day. Starting off with Human Bingo and moving to sharing information from Senior Leaders, the teams created market stalls to share with each other their services, priorities and strengths.

Team members went ’shopping’ to other teams’ stalls to find good value ways of working together across teams. All teams identified better ways of working together across services, and the workshop really helped to forge relationships.

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