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Supporting Greater Manchester Health and Justice

This is an area very close to the heart for Donna Bradshaw - her family know what it is like to lose a loved person to murder and domestic violence and how important it is that the Health and Justice system recognises how predictable and preventable some tragedies are.

On the 10th March, Donna Bradshaw facilitated a Round Table event organised by Jane Pilkington, the Deputy Director of Population Health for Greater Manchester.

The Health and Justice Board for Greater Manchester, co-chaired by Jon Rouse, from the Greater Manchester Partnership, and Beverley Hughes, Deputy Mayor, are developing a new Health and Justice Strategy for Greater Manchester which includes commissioning a strategic review, a health needs assessment and the Round Table discussion.

The strategy is important work that considers victims, families, communities and offenders. The event was supported by excellent inputs from Éamonn O'Moore from Public Health England, Christina Marriott from Revolving Door and the West Midlands Violence Prevention Alliance.

The delegates, from across the health and criminal justice system, recognised how every event is individual and how much it matters that services in the future don’t lose sight of this.

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