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Well North - Well Halton wins Culture of Innovation Award at North West Coast Awards

A huge congratulations to the Well Halton team, which includes an eclectic range of people from community, business, the CCG and local authority - supported by Chris Carlin and Nicola Goodwin. We are really chuffed for you!

Donna Bradshaw and Matt Worden are facilitating Well Halton’s partners on the 19th March to support everyone in keeping up the brilliant work by continuing to focus on the vision, opportunities and how such a creative and diverse range of partners continue to do good work together.

Matt is a visual artist and has worked with Prospect and Well North as an artist in residence bringing powerful and creative methods to partnerships and teams to forge strong connection to shared purpose and to each other as a team. We are looking forward to having more time in Halton - always an amazing group of ‘up for it’ people achieving fantastic things.

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