• James Fisher

“Your success is our success” – NHSTU named as the 10th ‘Best Company to Work For’.

The Prospect team we’re delighted to hear the news that our good friends, client and partner, the NHS Transformation Unit, were placed 10th in the highly competitive Sunday Times Best 100 Not-for-Profit Organisations 2019 award.

NHSTU’s founders, Alex Heritage and Leila Williams, have always placed a huge emphasis on its values, culture, and people. Prospect have worked alongside them for many years, supporting their team and growth through training, organisational development and a coaching programme, and have seen first-hand the importance placed on investing in people and positively shaping the working culture.

Alongside working with the TU’s people and Leadership team, Prospect are also delighted to have been a partner with the Unit in delivering work to clients, where there commitment to striving for the very best for patients, and investment in their people is evident in the care, quality and expertise that goes into their work.

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