• James Fisher

GMHSCP - Population Health and Commissioning Directorate OD Programme: Values, Engagement, Leadershi

One of the ways Prospect’s Donna, Matt, Jackie and Julian have liked to keep themselves busy over the past nine months is by working with the people who are making sure that we can all enjoy good health and excellent services as we get older (as citizens of Greater Manchester, we all have vested interests here!).

So far, with the Greater Manchester Health & Social Care Partnership,

we have supported entire directorate away-times to co-create values, and delivered Management team workshops covering topics from system leadership, to workforce, to horizon scanning and to effective team working. The context is complex and fast-paced, which means supporting people and teams is crucial, and being able to take time to celebrate, share and think ahead is always integral to productive and enjoyable teamwork.

Prospect are delighted and privileged to have been able to work with everybody, and look forward to hearing about the new achievements at the away time in May, where Matt Worden, our Arts-Based Leadership expert, is planning on injecting creative approaches to thinking about the future, change and the self.

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