• James Fisher

Prospect, NHS Transformation Unit and NHS Strategy Unit launch exciting new approach to workforce.

The Population and Place based Workforce Planning Framework was launched at the NHS Workforce Congress on March 6th. Donna Bradshaw, our CEO, shared a stage with Katy Coope from the NHSTU to present the approach, which has been in development over the last 12 months between the three partners.

The approach allows the future workforce to be more efficiently planned by using a combination of engagement, analytics and place-based logic techniques. This is made up of engaging all the right people throughout the process; applying intelligence regarding the place, population and workforce to develop future scenarios; bringing in the best practice from around the world; considering community assets and the ‘unseen’ workforce in communities, such as carers, volunteers and the third sector; and enhancing creativity and innovation to design new roles and integrate service for patients.

We designed this approach by applying the several years-long track-record of our own Population-Centric methodology, alongside effective consultation, re-design and analytics from the NHSTU and the Strategy Unit’s expertise in system engagement and dynamic approach to new services. We will also continue to work with Well North in terms of looking at the community dimension and how that shapes our practice.

“This really is a strong, comprehensive partnership of organisations, who all share the same values and drive for improving health, and recognise that the NHS relies upon its own workforce amongst several other issues to support this” said Donna Bradshaw. Donna and Katy have both already received a number of enquiries from conference delegates who fed-back that the approach strongly resonated with their needs. If you would like to hear more and find out how to get involved, please contact us on donna@weareprospect.com or dianna.hollins@nhs.net

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