• James Fisher

Prospect & GMHSCP Address Health & Well-being in Greater Manchester

As Greater Manchester residents, we really are spoiled when it comes to the amount of great work going on to support our health and wellbeing. It’s extremely important to know the impact this is having on our citizens and communities. That’s why Prospect and our partners like to ask the big questions – what is working? What isn’t working? Why? Who benefits and who doesn’t? Are there any promising green shoots? How can we best spend our money? And, what can we learn from all our work?

Our CEO Donna Bradshaw spent a morning facilitating a really interesting workshop for Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership, digging deep into these questions, and working out how we can continue to deliver exceptional work addressing issues of health and wellbeing. Over thirty participants, from across health services and academia, contributed their ideas and experiences at the event, and will continue to put their heads together to make sure the brainstorming keeps going in the future.

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