• Calum Fisher

South East London Cancer Alliance (SELCA) Commission Prospect to Support Cancer Teams

Following on from our recent work in the Northern and Cheshire and Merseyside Cancer Alliances, Prospect have been appointed to support three Cancer Multi-disciplinary teams in the South East London Area.

We will be supporting colo-rectal, lung and urology multi-disciplinary teams. Initially we will be working closely with the teams to understand their requirements and undertaking some diagnostic and team audit work, before delivering bespoke masterclasses to enhance the effectiveness of teams and, of course, this will support and enhance the experience for patients. We will be drawing upon our evaluations and learning from working with both the Northern and Cheshire and Merseyside Cancer Alliances.

“Each and every person in the Prospect team has had their lives touched by cancer in one way or another - so this work with SELCA is particularly motivating - we will all be doing our best to deliver an excellent programme and are looking forward to meeting people in London in the coming weeks” said Do

nna, our CEO.

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