• Calum Fisher

Cancer MDT Leadership Programmes Get Fantastic Evaluations Again!

Delivery of leadership masterclasses across the Northern Cancer Alliance where equally received well with over 98% of delegates evaluating the masterclasses as very good. It has been an honour and a privilege to work for a 2nd time across the North East of England and get such brilliant quotes from the lead cancer clinicians about the masterclasses they attended.

“Fantastic session, thank you well worth taking the time out”

“One of the best training sessions I have attended. Thank you”

“Excellent session, Very worthwhile and unique in style. Always an open session and great learning environment”

“Well done as always, you have been consistently good at all sessions which have been immensely useful to not just myself but how I can improve the overall MDT”

We have also recently been commissioned by South East london Cancer Alliance which will see Prospect work across Lung, Colorectal and Urology MDTs developing the leadership skills of MDT members which is due to commence in November.

We feel privileged as a team to continue developing clinicians and MDT’s as it is a huge priority as cancer touches all of our lives at some point.

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