• Calum Fisher

Teaming Up with Well North Enterprises to Bring a Unique Development Offer to Primary Care Networks

The development of PCNs and progression through the PCN maturity matrix requires a whole new level of understanding and connectedness across the health and care system to bring about sustainable and whole-system change. The level of collaboration that is needed between individuals, between services and between organisations to make this happen has never been seen before.

Prospect and Well North Enterprises have partnered up to bring together our expertise and unique offer to PCN’s.

PCN leaders face a host of leadership opportunities and challenges – a complex, high pressure environment with multiple partners, organisations, cultures and perspectives. To be successful and effective, they will need to build new relationships and leadership structures involving partners across health and care as well as the third sector and voluntary sectors, social enterprise sector and business sector. Among the tasks ahead are gaining an understanding of the whole population’s health needs, assets and opportunities, leading the design of new models of care and building multi-professional teams from many organisations – all require significant leadership skills and benefit from an entrepreneurial mindset and evolving a “can do” culture.

We know that we can help you develop and engage your neighbourhoods in a different ways.

We both have a significant track record in supporting places, organisations, teams and individuals to work together effectively, whether that is in a community, organisational or business context. Bringing together the expertise of Well North Enterprises in working across communities to help build relationships, connections, innovative ways of engaging your population and people along with Prospect's vast experience of leadership development over a period of 15 years will mean we can help PCN’s succeed.

Our team’s learning, expertise, knowledge and unique approach comes from our own practical experience of doing this work in practice. Collectively, and with our partners, we have;

  • Developed over 300 clinical leaders from primary care, federations, 1-1 coaching of GPs, practice managers and new clinical directors.

  • Supported the development of social leaders from the most deprived communities through delivery of a bespoke programme focused on entrepreneurialism, business mindset and social value.

  • Grown out of the original Well North programme, where we worked alongside 10 towns and cities to trigger the catalysts for unleashing healthier communities where local people can live, work and thrive.

We are currently talking to several leads from Primary care networks about how we can support them in the transformation required. Why not give us a call or drop us an email so we can share our unique offer with you!

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