• Calum Fisher

The Future Hospital as an Anchor Organisation – Working with Ashford St Peters NHS Trust and Well No

Working with our partners Well North Enterprises, Prospect have been involved in helping Ashford St Peter’s NHS Trust re-imagine what a hospital of the future looks like.

Donna Bradshaw and Matt Worden facilitated a two day residential immersion in November. The work has been catalysed by the opportunity of a new build due to land sale. Participants included the Trust Executive and Board and many partners from community organisations, food bank, growing projects, mental health services and local government.

Using an installation art exercise, the event started by exploring what is meant by a strong community – then exploring what role a hospital of the future plays in this. Architect colleagues from HML engaged people in developing initial design principles – which resulted in some very creative break throughs.

Matt captured discussions in a range of vibrant illustrations.

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