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A Reflective Week at Prospect

Dear Colleagues, Friends and Clients,

As we write this on VE day, we are all anticipating, like many, the next phases of lockdown. It is still an awful situation with Covid-19 deaths in the hundreds every day and issues with PPE for frontline workers in many settings. Our NHS and other key workers inspire and draw our ongoing respect.

Our team brew this week included themes about exploring new ways of being; doing familiar things differently and digitally, and also doing some new things altogether – creative things, teaching children at home, and new activities. I felt it was a reflective tone this week – very much people thinking about who they are in lockdown and craving their own self and identity.

So, this week, Catherine Barber-Brown and Carol Bushell have provided some very personal reflection via blogs and a 'podcast' in the Personal Reflection section of our Covid-19 Support page. Beautifully and expertly written, they have certainly inspired me to think about a making a short vlog during this time. It really is a time to learn about ourselves and to connect with our own core identity – be that through words, thoughts, music etc. As well as being a powerful personal learning tool, writing blogs or making a personal podcast could be brought into coaching.

We also continue to offer our support to clients, not just through the series of resources, but also our coaching offer has been taken up by several individuals in clinical and non clinical roles. Please do contact us if we can help

Donna, Jackie, Louise, Richard and the Prospect team.

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