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All Change at Prospect - Welcome Catherine!

This week the Prospect team waved farewell to Donna, as she pursues new adventures and hands over the Prospect reins to Catherine, who will lead Prospect and support the development of the formal partnership with Well North Enterprises.

Donna is the owner and founder of Prospect and initially set up a part time consulting business in while she was an academic at Manchester Business School in 2003 and has made this her full time career since 2006.

Donna said 'it has been a privilege to work with and for such amazing people who care deeply about society and making the world a better place - often for people who are left behind in our communities. I know that this mission will continue with the very talented and committed Prospect team, and our collaborators. They can do even more through the partnership with Well North Enterprises - who focus on people and place in equal measure. I want to say thanks to all the team, and to every client who has trusted us to work with them.

Catherine Barber-Brown, Partnership Development Consultant for Prospect and Well North Enterprises said 'I'm delighted to be working with the talented team at Prospect to continue to drive forward change and development for the many clients with whom Donna and the team have worked over the years and to be able to grow the joint offering from Well North Enterprises and Prospect.

Here are some photos from the lunch held to say goodbye to Donna.



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