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Effective Chairing Skills Webinars

Prospect are delighted to be commissioned for an 8th consecutive year to deliver the popular workshops on Effective Chairing Skills. This year we are running this for our commissioner over a series of two interactive webinars.

The first webinar covers the following

  • Exploring and understanding the role and responsibilities of the chair in ensuing meetings are both productive and effective

  • Exploring and understanding the chair role as a facilitator of the meeting

  • Learning and sharing best practices of chairing and improving how participants currently prepare, plan, and manage meetings

  • Using best practices to ensure that the agenda items are introduced and dealt with effectively

  • Identifying what can go wrong in meetings and knowing what action to take to ensure participants keep focused on the task and engaged

The second webinar also covers the following:

  • By sharing experiences of challenging behaviours, the group will learn how to deal with dynamics and unhelpful behaviours that they find challenging, to gain practical tips on how the chair may deal with behaviours of members effectively

  • Building on that to discuss the skills required to deal with dynamics in meetings

  • Using the Effective Chairing Skillset in a practice mock meeting to support the group to develop their strategies in managing these dynamics effectively in their meetings

Previously we had excellent evaluations on these workshops, with 100% of participants agreeing or strongly agreeing that the learning outcomes had been met.

Previous delegates often contact us after they attend the workshops to tell us how much the workshop has helped them in how they now chair meetings.

Please see more information by visiting the Northwest Leadership Academy website, or send an email to



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