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How Can Prospect Help with Your Future Strategy

As the government eases the lockdown requirements, we start to think about what the forthcoming months mean for us.

Depending upon the sector we work in, this will mean different things for each of us. For our health and social care clients and colleagues they are starting to think through the restoration of previous services and what this may mean for their patients, communities, staff and how to ensure they have strategies and operational plans in place to enable all to be safe and effective services. Others maybe thinking through how they bring staff back into the workplace after a period of furlough.

Businesses maybe thinking through their future strategies and how they plan to operate in the future. Over the last few weeks here, the team at Prospect have also been thinking about how we ensure we continue to give our clients the great service we have gained an outstanding reputation for. We are looking at a number of potential strategies and alternatives such as doing more learning using blended learning methodologies, for example digital learning, virtual coaching, and using creativity along with thinking through how we interact safely with our clients when the time is right to do face to face sessions.

There are no simple answers in such complexity. Yes, it is complicated, and no one knows currently what the future holds. However, doing nothing for many of us is also not an option. So as we know from our leadership masterclasses, we need to be proactive and influence the things that are in our control.

To help our clients, colleagues, and networks in their thinking about future strategy in times of uncertainty, our senior associate Jackie Barringer has developed some blogs and provided some links to thought pieces. These series of blogs will be available the weeks of the 8th and 16th June The first blog takes us through the things to consider in looking at future strategies, and the second the options we have in taking our strategies forward, known as strategic postures.

As always, we are here to help. Whether this is a chat about how you approach or how you are thinking about doing a future strategy session with your teams, some business coaching or mentoring that can help you develop your future strategy and keep ahead of your competition or perhaps providing virtual facilitation in doing a team session to ensure that your successful in your approach and develop your strategy.

Please do drop us a line at louise@weareprospect.com

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