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Prospect Launches Career Support Service

How are you tackling the challenge of career support? Economic pressures, the speed of change, the need to cut costs, job losses and restructuring in today’s workplace can make effective career planning and management a real challenge and often leaves people feeling overwhelmed and uncertain of their future.

Prospect Business Consulting is a leading consultancy specialising in organisation development. We support clients to understand transition and change through a range of career coaching and career management for individuals, teams and organisations. Through our bespoke programmes we ensure your business attains its goals, while at the same time helping individuals to manage their careers, fulfil their potential, achieve change and make an impact.

Managing people and organisations through change is hard. We can make it easier. Our Dedicated Client Centre has been built by highly experience OD and HR professionals to enable you to achieve your organisational objectives, secure business continuity and mitigate the risks from disruption when a number of people leave your organisation.

“The staff at Prospect have been incredibly helpful throughout the career management support. They have been flexible and understanding, which has been invaluable during a time of significant change in our organisation. Our people have valued the chance to have practical and interactive CV writing and interview skills training. We have had great feedback and the majority of staff have gone on to secure new positions.”

Call us today on 07940 954058 to discuss how we can help or visit our website to find out more.



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