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Prospect Leadership Development is Making an Impact on Cancer Leads and Cancer Services

Prospect has been designing and delivering leadership development for over 12 years to a range of sectors and leaders. Over this time we have strived to ensure the that the development we offer has an impact, is effective and offers good value for money, making a difference to the participants, our commissioners, the services they lead and their businesses. It is always fantastic as a provider to see that a programme has been successful and having the impact it was commissioned for. Please see a summary of our latest evaluation report. 

Understanding the return on investment when commissioners invest in staff development is important on a number of fronts - to understand the impact of the training, the reaction to the learning on the day and the learning gained, how has the training has made a difference to the behaviours post the training, how the participants have applied the learning to their job role, how they have improved the effectiveness of what they do, whether this is specific to their job or how they lead their teams or services and how as a provider we can learn from the evaluation, make changes in our design or delivery to ensure we are being effective.  .

In the last three years Prospect has been honoured to work with a number of regional Cancer Alliances to support the leadership development of cancer leads and multi-disciplinary teams members, which we are immensely proud of. Each of these programmes have been evaluated using Kirkpatrick level 1 and 2 – the reaction and learning undertaken showed that 99-100% of the participants agreed or strongly agreed that the learning objectives for each programme have been met.

The Northern Cancer Alliance has commissioned Prospect twice. The first commission in 2018 was to deliver a one day masterclass on leadership development to over 80 clinical leads for cancer services. All sessions gained positive comments about the delivery team, including ‘interactive,’ ‘well facilitated,’ ‘Excellent,' and 'practical skills learnt to support me in my role which have helped to improve how our MDT meetings perform.'

Due to the success of the first phase, Prospect was commissioned for a 2nd phase in 2019, which entailed the design and delivery of 4 bite size leadership workshops to allow a deeper insight and further leadership development of the cancer leads and service managers.

Over 60 delegates attended the bite size workshops. Once again these sessions were evaluated to an excellent standard - 100% of the participants agreed or strongly agreed that the learning objectives met their needs, and 100% reported that attending the programme has or will help them in their current roles.

Some quotes from participants:

  • 'I will use the MDT team excellence assessment tool; it is great and a good way to review and engage the team’

  • ‘I will set up ground rules to apply with the MDT team’

  • ‘I gained so much from the influencing workshop, understanding my power’

  • ‘How I use push and pull techniques – superb and would highly recommend’

  • ‘The session on chairing was one of the best sessions I have taken part in, practical tools to help chair meetings more effectively’

  • ‘I loved the interactive aspects of dealing with dynamics effectively as a chair in practical sessions to chair meetings- absolutely fantastic’


6 months post-delivery we followed up with a number of the leaders who had been participants from both phases. To understand how they had transferred the learning into their roles and the return on investment using Kirkpatrick level 3 and 4 (changes in behaviour and results). Overall the impact was very positive and delegates were able to say how they had made changes in their personal leadership and how they led the MDT.

Please see the full case study for more details.

Jackie Barringer

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