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Successful completion of 20 webinars for cancer leads across the West Midlands.

Updated: Feb 20

On the 4th of February 2020 it was national Cancer day - something that is important to the team at Prospect, particularly in relation to our work with a number of Cancer Alliances.

Last week we completed the leadership development for the leads of Cancer Services across the West Midlands Cancer Alliance. The team at Prospect have, over the last 6 months, delivered 20 webinars to over 90 clinical leads and core team members, a significant achievement given the current pandemic and redeployment across the health service.

Our webinars have included system thinking and system leadership, leading effective multi-disciplinary teams and 2 focused webinars on self as leader and dealing with conflict. All the webinars have been well received by these leads with each webinar being rated as over 99% agree or strongly agree that the aims of the webinar have been met. The participants loved the style, approach and as above over 99% agreed that the webinars had been effectively facilitated. We loved working with them all and are delighted to hear that they have enjoyed working with us.

Here are a few quotes from our participants:

"I have really valued the course so far"

"A highlight during all this mess. Very well organised. Fun to talk to people about things other than Covid!!"

"I really found these helpful. Enjoyed the sessions"

"I have found the previous ones that I have attended of great value and well-delivered."

"Please pass my thanks onto your team. Thoroughly enjoyed the first masterclass."

We will be working with our partner West Midlands Cancer Alliance, to look at how we follow up and evaluate the impact of these webinars.

Thanks to West Midland Cancer Alliance, the participants, and our great team.

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