Richard Woods
Executive Coach and Finance Manager

Richard is Prospect’s Finance Manager, a Coach and HR consultant. 

Richard is a qualified Executive Coach and works with coachees on both a logical level and with deeper emotions, in order to connect the cognitive and emotional dimensions of change in order to unlock new insights and solutions. 

In his recent coaching work, Richard has dealt with issues including career transition resulting from promotion, redundancy and role change; balancing the demands of work and personal life; improving focus and performance; relationships and team working.


He has coached both community activists and community entrepreneurs, as well as senior mangers working on transformational change in the NHS.

Richard has worked in senior and director level HR roles in the public sector in local government, mental health services, NHS, Probation and in the private sector in financial and legal services.  At Prospect Richard has conducted HR investigations for client organisations.

In his Finance Manager role Richard deals with invoices and bills.

Richard Woods