Rina Mahoney
Prospect Associate

Rina has recently acquired a Level 5 Coaching Diploma at The University of Warwick


Over the past twenty five years she has been exposed to coaching in a number of training rooms, either as a role player, facilitator or more recently as coach herself.


Over the past two years she has coached for The University of Birmingham on their Referred Students programme and their Referred Doctor Programme working with healthcare professionals at all levels including Senior Consultants exploring day to day issues arising from a need for improved communication skills. Here Rina works as a third party coach in alignment with GMC (General Medical Council) values and guidelines.

Rina has also facilitated a number of programmes where a company is adapting a coaching culture and her role has been to equip delegates with this key skill. Here she is proficient with the teaching and the practical application of models such as GROW.

Rina has a specialist interest in Cognitive Behavioural Coaching.

Rina Mahoney